Digital Competency-Based Learning

CompKeepr was designed with one thing in mind, to simplify competency based learning.  Leave your pens and papers at school! Embrace technology designed to make it easy for schools and instructors to monitor their students.  Students can log their activities and send evaluation requests to their preceptors with just a few clicks.   Preceptors will enjoy the simplified inbox which allows quick and easy completion of evaluations.


School Administrative Dashboard

Allows schools to manage all users, locations, and areas where competencies need to be acquired through an easy to navigate dashboard.

Available Everywhere!

CompKeepr is a web-based application which means it runs on any device with internet connectivity (desktop or mobile).

Dedicated, Safe, and Secure

The application for your school/institution is installed on its own dedicated server with a dedicated URL and SSL encryption.

Email Notifications

Emails are sent between users notifying them when an action needs to be taken.  It also notifies instructors and the school if an evaluation is concerning.

Customized for Your Needs

Built-in evaluations based on professionalism, knowledge, problem solving skills, and attendance.  All evaluations can be changed to match your institution's needs.

Use Any List of Competencies!

The competencies are loaded from a database which can be set up for any collection of competencies.  If you have them, we can add them!

About CompKeeCompKeeprr

CompKeepr is a product developed by Keepr Web Apps.  

Our passion for education in health care drives us to provide dedicated, personalized online service and technical support to all of our clients.

CompKeepr is an indispensable online tool that makes it simple for both students, preceptors and educational institutions to monitor their student’s progress in their clinical placements.

We strive to simplify your life and provide excellent customer support. Increasing response rates while decreasing response times for student performance feedback. Most importantly we give you back your valuable time that would otherwise be buried in paperwork.


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